New ReStore customer service desk built by volunteers

March 25, 2022 9:32 pm | ReStore

Co-author: Jodi Krah, Fonthill ReStore Manager

Our Fonthill ReStore has undergone some changes recently.

When the store first opened seven years ago, the customer service desk was a pick-up truck with the bed carved out to serve as the service area – which got a lot of attention as it was an interesting piece.

However, over the years, staff found the area lacked space and storage and took up a lot of retail space in the middle of the store, so this year a new customer service desk was built.

“After seven years of working behind a fun truck we needed a few things to change,” explains Jodi Krah, Fonthill ReStore Manager. “We needed a little more space for staff to move around and more floor space to hold amazing product for our customers.”

The old customer service desk pick-up truck was removed from the store by the Thorold Fire and Emergency Services and the new customer service desk was built in a better area creating an extra 350 square feet for retail.

“We have such wonderful volunteers with many skills and talents, and they were eager to get building,” said Jodi. “We utilized as much material as possible that was donated to our store.”

Doug Carey, a volunteer since 2019, managed the project and his renovation background was a blessing of skill, patience and ingenuity. Doug led a team of volunteers including, Larry Robertson, Tom Neufeld and Henry (Hank) Vegter and Winston Krah 

“I enjoy working with people that enjoy what they are doing,” said Doug. “You will find that here with staff, volunteers and the customers that enjoy shopping.”

Hank Vegter also enjoys volunteering at the ReStore, “I look forward to coming in. Service is great, smiles are free!”

Stop by the Fonthill ReStore for a visit and see the work of passion that the team put into building the store’s new customer service desk.

Interested in volunteering with us? Check out our volunteer opportunities.