ReStore donates to Lincoln Care Kits

March 28, 2022 9:33 pm | ReStore

He’s just a kid with a huge heart who wants to help people, and has a special passion for those who do not have a home to live.

Tamara McGuire is proud of her son Lincoln. About a year ago, Lincoln started creating ‘care kits’ for individuals in our community who needed a little love and to let them know someone was thinking about them.

“Lincoln created care kits one year ago and has accomplished so much already in a year,” Tamara explains. “Every couple of months Lincoln has been involved in starting a new fundraiser or helping out people in his community.”

Last year he worked alongside Niagara’s paramedics and Start Me Up Niagara by providing Tim Horton’s gift cards and 115 backpacks containing items such as personal care products and snacks to people who are homeless.

He has volunteered with Out of the Cold serving meals and helped raise over $3,000 for Project Share to feed the homeless and keep the conversation going about poverty in our community.

Read more about Lincoln’s story.

And it doesn’t stop there. Lincoln is now focusing on care kits for the children of Ukraine.

He is preparing 200 kits for refugee children to help make their transition to Niagara an easier one.

Every kit will be filled with stuffed animals, colouring books, crayons, lollipops, toys, and other items children like to play with.

When Tamara and Lincoln approached our St. Catharines ReStore looking for items for the care kits, the team did not hesitate to get involved and donated hundreds of cans of spray chalk.

“We are more than honoured to support Lincoln’s initiative in the hopes of putting a smile on a child that has left a war-torn country,” said Tina Young-Rybak, Habitat ReStore’s Customer Service Associate. “It’s just terrible what’s happening in Ukraine, and this young man’s selfless acts of putting others first is something we all should aspire to.”

“A huge thank you goes out to the Habitat Niagara ReStore for donating 619 containers of spray chalk. Our care kits are feeling the love from our community,” said Tamara. “We know just how much these children from Ukraine are going to love these spray cans. Thank you for helping us to bring play back into their young lives”

Lincoln and his mom are building the care kits around April 10, then they will be brought to St. John Ukrainian church to give to the children when they arrive.

They are still in need of a few donations of 200 bubble containers and 200 reusable water bottles and would appreciate any support the community could provide.

If you are interested in supporting Lincoln’s Care Kits, please reach out to Tamara by emailing or visiting