Abu's wife and daughter

Providing a better life for their family

August 3, 2023 6:02 pm | News

Abu immigrated from Khartoum, Sudan, and arrived in Canada in 2001 to prepare for a better life for his future wife and family. After finding a full-time job, he got married to Mai then sponsored her and their son to come to Canada.

Over the years their family grew from three to five, and they had to move multiple times because the apartments they could afford had their challenges. Having lived in a one-bedroom apartment that became overcrowded they moved to another apartment where they quickly realized that their children could not play outside as the area was unsafe.

The place they are currently living in has no soundproofing and they receive complaints from the neighbours about their children making noise.

Uncertain about their future, Abu worried all the time and knew he needed to do something.

“I want to provide my family with a better life and safety,” said Abu.

He had lost all hope in finding a safe and decent place to live that was affordable.

One day, while meeting with their Sudanese community, a friend told them about Habitat for Humanity and they immediately applied. Three years later, after being accepted into Habitat’s homeownership program, their Habitat house is now being built.

“It will change our lives completely,” said Abu. “We now think about our future and how we can send our children to university or college.”
Part of Habitat’s homeownership program includes a commitment to completing 500 volunteer hours and participating in workshops on budgeting, home maintenance and more. Mai has been volunteering at the ReStore and Abu has been helping to build their home.
On framing day, Abu was at the build site and worked alongside professional framers from Truframe and volunteers from Walker Industries to frame the walls of their future home.

“We built a wall and it was great. I won’t forget it,” said Abu.

“I want to thank everybody, from volunteers who give their time, to companies that donate money and materials. They are helping us to have a house,” said Mai. “We have dreamt about it our whole life and they are making our dream come true.”

|   “I want to provide my family with a better life and safety.”