Meaning of Home is back

December 1, 2023 3:07 pm | Events

Your students’ short entry (50-300 words) could make a big difference for your community!

The Meaning of Home contest is back for its 16th year on January 8th! The contest invites Grades 4, 5 and 6 students from across Canada to submit a written poem or essay explaining what home means to them. Since 2007, over 90,000 students have participated in the Meaning of Home contest, raising over $2 million to help build homes for families in need of decent and affordable housing.

For every local Niagara contest entry submitted $10 will be donated to Habitat for Humanity Niagara. Last year, students submitted 450 entries and raised $4,500 for Habitat Niagara’s homebuilding program (that’s an increase of 82 entries from last year’s total!)

There are also 12 prizes to be won thanks to our founding sponsor Sagen™1, award sponsors Urban Systems Foundation and Face to Face Games, and our judging sponsors Travelers Canada and Hunter Douglas.

This contest would not be possible without our founding sponsor Sagen who has volunteered hundreds of hours across Canada to support the Meaning of Home contest through judging entries, worked in collaboration to develop marketing/entry materials, as well as continuing to fund multiple aspects of the program with dedicated relationship managers.

Grand prize winner (three total, one per grade) – $30,000

Each grand prize winner will receive a $30,000 grant generously donated by our sponsors for their local Habitat. Additional prizes include an iPad and class pizza party.

Three Runner-up prizes (nine total, three per grade) – $10,000

Each runner-up winner will receive a $10,000 grant generously donated by our sponsors for their local Habitat. Additional prizes include a Samsung tablet and class pizza party.

The Meaning of Home contest offers a unique and meaningful way to get students involved in the creative writing process. The goal is to teach students about the importance of giving back to the community and foster their active participation as world citizens. Register at and download our toolkit to access resources for online or at-home learning. The toolkit can help you meet curriculum criteria in the area of Language/Language Arts. Some of the curriculum requirements that can be addressed through the assignment include:

· Producing an original piece of work that encourages independent critical thought.

· Organizing ideas and writing for an intended purpose or audience.

· Writing to express thinking and communicate personal opinions.

· Developing proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.

· Fostering proofreading, editing and revision skills.