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Why you should donate your old kitchen to the ReStore

February 14, 2023 6:27 pm | ReStore

A kitchen renovation is a huge undertaking with lots of components to coordinate and dozens of things to consider. One of those things to consider is what to do with your old cabinets and countertops. That’s where the ReStore can help!

Habitat for Humanity Niagara’s salvage crew can come to your home, remove your cupboards, countertops, appliances and any other items you’d like to donate free of charge. We can then resell those items in our ReStores and issue you a tax receipt for the value once sold.

Here’s why you should consider donating your old kitchen:

1. Save money

Habitat for Humanity Niagara’s kitchen salvage program is a free service. We’ll provide the team, tools, and transportation to safely dismantle your old kitchen and deliver it to the ReStore, saving you hundreds in contractor and waste disposal fees. Plus, you’ll be issued a tax receipt for the value of your kitchen once it sells!

2. Support waste reduction

While you may have fallen out of love with your current kitchen, it could be exactly what someone else is looking for. After removal, kitchens in our program are delivered to local ReStores and sold on to new owners for use in their homes, workshops, and garages. Habitat for Humanity Niagara diverts over 200 kitchen sets away from local landfills every year!

3. Help build homes

As with all purchases made at the ReStore, proceeds from the sale of salvaged kitchens and appliances support Habitat for Humanity’s homebuilding program, providing affordable homeownership to families in our community.

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Cogeco’s YourTV recently shadowed our salvage team as they removed a kitchen from a home in Beamsville. Check out the video below to learn more about the kitchen salvage program.