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An affordable home has been a blessing during the pandemic

June 29, 2021 9:15 pm | Homeownership

“A stable and affordable home has been a blessing during the pandemic,” that’s what Habitat homeowner, Gaynor, recently told us.

Gordon and Gaynor became Habitat homeowners in 2018. Gaynor worked as a manager in a women’s clothing store and Gordon was unable to work due to an accident that fused his spine; in 2019 Gaynor changed jobs moving to a bridal store.

Everything was going well, then Gaynor had a health scare in which she developed a blood clot in her leg that eventually prevented her from walking.

“I was in a wheelchair. I couldn’t walk and couldn’t work. It took me months to learn how to walk again,” Gaynor explained. “Then COVID hit, and people were getting laid off from their jobs as I was looking for work, I couldn’t find employment anywhere.”
Having the security of knowing that their mortgage rate was affordable was a blessing for their family.

We didn’t have to worry about not being able to make our monthly mortgage payment because it is affordable,” said Gordon. “If we would have been renting, we would be at the mercy of a landlord, and with the cost of living increasing our rent would no doubt have been increased.”

Habitat’s homeownership program provides a no down-payment, interest-free mortgage to qualified families who would otherwise not be able to purchase their own homes. These mortgage payments cycle back into Habitat Niagara’s Fund for Humanity used to build more affordable homes.

“There is a lot to be said about Habitat for Humanity,” said Gordon. “This program gave us the opportunity to see a dream come true! As parents it was always our dream to be able to have a home to one day pass on to our children. Habitat Niagara along with all the people and companies have made that possible for us – they have no idea the impact they have made on the lives of families like mine.”