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Schedule a donation pick-up


Thank you for your interest in donating to Habitat for Humanity ReStore! We can schedule a FREE pick-up of multiple items or larger items from your home or place of business within the Niagara region. You can also receive a tax donation receipt for the sales value (minimum $100) of the item(s) you donate.

View a full list of the items we accept

Donation pick-up process

Please email pictures of the item(s) you wish to donate, along with your address and contact information to the ReStore nearest you:

Donation pick-up policy

All items must be cleaned, in working order and sellable to the public.

We will not accept items that are:

Please understand that our driver does have the right of refusal based on the inspection of the item as we cannot incur a disposal fee.

Site requirements

Where to put your items for pick up

All Habitat staff and volunteers have been instructed to make safety their top priority and not place themselves or our donors in any unsafe situations. On the day of your pick-up, please have all items placed outside of the home on ground level covered with a tarp or in the garage. 

Please ensure the items are cleaned prior to donating.


Pick-up schedule 

Thank you for respecting the work our staff and volunteers do, and for donating your valued items to help Habitat for Humanity Niagara!