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Questions families ask

Once we receive your preliminary application, we will contact you within a couple of weeks. If your income and credit report meet our guidelines, your application will be held on file until a house becomes available in one of the cities that you had indicated you would be interested in. At that time, we will contact you to come to our office to complete a more detailed application.

As we do not build a house in every city in Niagara every year, it can take several years before we build in your city of choice. You may have a better chance if you are willing to move to another city in Niagara.

Where more than one family meets the selection criteria, the family with the greatest need for housing will be selected.

As a family is approved for a specific house before it is constructed, the average time to move into the new home is 18 to 24 months.

Habitat builds homes where we can afford to buy the land. If your family is selected for a specific home, you can decline. We may not have any other choices available and by declining you may lose your opportunity with Habitat for Humanity Niagara. If there are choices, we will be fair to all requests and decide based on the greatest need.

No, Habitat will create the design for the house based on the lot and neighbourhood.

The homes are built according to the size of the land. Most homes are 3 bedrooms, approximately 1,100 square feet. A large family would require a larger home with additional bedrooms and when possible we will make accommodation for the size of the family. If there are special needs requirements, such as wheelchair access, we will accommodate as best we can.

The style of home we build is dependent on the size of the land. Where possible, we will build multi-unit homes, such as semi-detached or townhouses to be able to serve more families. Yard size also varies.

No, the house does not come with free appliances.

Habitat will only build a home for the family that is living together at the time of the application. We do not build extra bedrooms for future or possible family members.

To assess your income, Habitat requires your income tax files for the last three years.

Yes, a written record of the discharge is required. You may apply to Habitat for Humanity Niagara after your bankruptcy has been discharged for two years.

Always tell us about changes in your income and housing. If you lose your income, we may not be able to approve you, but we can reassess the application when you find a stable source of income.

If you want to sell the home, Habitat for Humanity Niagara has the first option to buy it from you. If we decide not to buy it back, you would be able to sell it yourself.

No down payment is required. However, you will need some savings for moving fees and legal expenses at the time the house is transferred to your name.

Yes! Many of the people who help to build the house do not have construction experience. We have experienced build supervisors who will give you all the help you need. This is good training for new homeowners so they can manage simple repairs when they own the home.

Yes, there is a great deal of flexibility. There are many different ways that you can volunteer with Habitat – building a house, helping at the ReStore, helping in the office and fundraising. Some volunteer hours can be done at certain community organizations. Extended family and friends can also help you with some of the hours.

The 500 hours must be completed before you move into the home. Volunteer hours will not be counted toward the homeownership volunteer hours until after you have been approved.