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Family stories

We know that families in our community and around the world have the potential to stand on their own. All they sometimes really need is a helping hand, a way to help themselves so that they can build a better life.

Families lives are transformed when they own a Habitat home. Children are happier and perform better in school, their health improves and When Habitat for Humanity builds a house, a ripple effect occurs. Families are less reliant on social services and food banks, student and apprentice builders become skilled trades workers within their community, the economy prospers with each building project, volunteers are engaged, and the entire community feels fulfilled in contributing.

That’s the power of helping.

Families are the foundation of what makes Habitat for Humanity. There is no better testament to the importance of Habitat for Humanity Niagara than the stories of the families who's lives have been changed by their Habitat homes.

Meet some of our homeowner families

Natasha - Generations of Joy