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Donate land or a house

Donate land or a house and help Habitat Niagara with the first step in the building process!

The limited availability and high cost of land across the Niagara Region are stumbling blocks to building affordable Habitat housing as most of the time, Habitat Niagara must purchase land on the open market.

By making a gift of real estate, the donation provides you with tax-benefits while making a personal impact for local families. Gifts of real estate can include land (developed or undeveloped) and residential properties.

Real estate gifts may be accepted as an outright gift, by selling the property to Habitat Niagara for less that its appraised fair market value and receiving a charitable tax receipt for the difference between the value of the property and the sale price, or by making a gift of real estate in your will.

If you know a property that may be suitable for a new Habitat home, have questions about making a gift in your will, or to donate your property for future Habitat development, please contact us.

With all charitable gifts, it is important to consult with your lawyer or financial adviser to ensure that you receive maximum tax benefits and that your wishes are accurately reflected in necessary legal documents.