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large group of volunteers

Using their skills to give back

Kevin Verhoef, owner of Verhoef Electric, had been looking for opportunities for him and his employees to get involved with local organizations and use their skills to give back - and he had Habitat for Humanity in his sight.

“Habitat is an organization that is hard to miss,” explains Kevin. “I met Jeff McLean, one of the Board members, and he invited me to an informational meeting last year and discussed getting involved in 2019.”

. . . and that’s just what he did.

Two men with hard hatsKevin and 18 of his electricians volunteered their time to do an electrical rough-in on our two-unit semi-detached homes on Bellevue Street in Niagara Falls. Two of his suppliers, Gerrie Electric and ECS, donated some of the materials to help out.

“A number of our employees including my wife and myself have been involved in mission and disaster relief over the years,” said Kevin. “We as a company offer time off and contribute towards trips if employees want to volunteer their time for humanitarian work.”

The Verhoef team is planning one more night to go back and do the finishing work to complete the job.

“We have been blessed with growth, work, and incredible clients over the last number of years,” said Kevin. “This donation is a way to give back.”