Volunteer serves her country and Habitat

04 Oct
Brigitte  St. Germain

Brigitte began volunteering at Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore in Fonthill on a weekly basis and assisting with special events and as we got to know her, we learned about her exciting profession as an RCMP officer and her recent assignment with the International Criminal Court.

Here’s what Brigitte had to say when she sat down with Jonna Wolfenberg, Habitat Niagara’s Volunteer Coordinator.

JW: Tell us a little about yourself

I am a police officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, for 33 years now. I’ve worked in New Brunswick, Ontario, been on a United Nations mission to Haiti in 1995, the former Yugoslavia, Lebanon, and Europe.

I recently accepted a temporary assignment from the RCMP/UN Women for the next 6-8 months with the International Criminal Court which will take me to several assignments to Central Africa investigating gender violence occurring in the areas. I’ve loved my career to date but my passions have always been in the fields of humanitarian work and I hope to continue that avenue post retirement!

My personal life is pretty quiet, peaceful and humble. I love my home in the woods, taking care of my garden and critters and enjoying life’s joys and blessings with my family and friends. I should be back in spring 2018, and plan to resume my volunteer role with Habitat Niagara upon my return.


JW:  Why did you decide to volunteer with Habitat Niagara?

I was in New Brunswick many years ago, and used to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity back then when it was in its infant stages and localized. In that time, myself and others from my police detachment helped out regularly with events such as building play grounds and repairs to houses and held events in the community to help out Boys and Girl’s Club for kids and other local charities. I have always loved Habitat and the sense of community it brings. I am pretty handy so since I moved back to Ontario, I decided last year to see if I could join the organization locally.


JW:  How long have you been volunteering with us and in what capacity?

I started last year, and volunteered to help out at the Fonthill ReStore – usually Mondays and also for evening special events when and where possible. However, in last few weeks I haven’t been in on Mondays as I have been getting my home, work assignments and care for my elderly mother arranged before leaving for an overseas mission.


AD:  What do you like about volunteering for Habitat?

I love the cause, the people involved, the sense of well-being and community contribution it brings me and to others.


JW:  What would you like to share with others to get them to volunteer with Habitat?

It’s a great cause and organization because there is always a task to be done at any skill level, from stocking shelves and painting to helping build a house or garden. It helps people get off to a good start in Canada. I’ve been to many places in the world, and Canadians do what they can when there, but its at home that makes a difference to others and it’s a great feeling to be part if it. 

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