Raising the walls

01 May
Raise The Wall

April 28th kicked off the first build day for our 25th anniversary multi-build project, and although the day was rainy and cold, spirits were high as build participants, framers and future homeowners framed and installed walls on one of the five homes we are constructing this year.

Click here to see photos of the day.

Five families, including 14 children will be living in these homes once construction is completed. Homeowner families purchase their home for zero-downpayment, and a 15 year interest-free mortgage with affordable payments that are based on the family’s income. Their monthly mortgage payments go into a revolving fund that allows Habitat Niagara to help build more homes and provide more people with affordable homeownership opportunities.

As part of the homeowner program families volunteer 500 hours with Habitat which typically involves helping build their own home or the homes of others in the program. The families anxiously awaited their first day on the build site to begin taking part in building their homes.

“It was an amazing moment being there to see the first wall raised in our home!” said future homeowner Colleen. “Seeing all of the volunteers who wanted to help our family and be a part of our journey was incredible. We are so grateful!”

By the end of the day the four walls were framed and installed.

See a video of the first wall being raised by clicking here.

If you’d like to get involved in helping to build these homes, please visit http://www.habitatniagara.ca/present-build/details/25th-anniversary-build-welland-2018

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