Habitat ReStore a solution for Lowe’s

09 Oct
Salvage Team And  Lowe's Employees. J P G

When Lowe’s needed five display kitchens removed from its Niagara Falls location, they knew exactly who to call.

Mary Brewer, Assistant Store Manager at Lowe’s in Niagara Falls, had a decision to make. She could have her staff take the kitchens apart and resell them, hire contractors to remove them (knowing they would be smashed up and end up in the landfill) or ask the Niagara Habitat for Humanity ReStore salvage team.

With a tight turnaround time she wasn’t sure the salvage team at the Niagara Habitat ReStore could fit the project in, but they gladly accepted and made arrangements to have a team of ten Habitat staff and volunteers get the job done.

Habitat’s salvage team removes kitchens and other re-usable items from homes or businesses for free and gives the donor a tax receipt once it’s sold at the ReStore. Habitat for Humanity ReStores play an integral part in Habitat’s mission, bringing financial support for the work they do.

“It is a fantastic program! This was so much easier for us - we didn’t have to do anything,” said Mary. “We also promote Habitat’s salvage program through our kitchen sales and install program, it is a win-win for our customers and it raises money for the charity.”

Over the years Lowe’s has been an ongoing supporter of Habitat Niagara and its ReStores. They have participated in the construction of Habitat homes and in 2016 Lowe’s manager Christian Nelson asked his suppliers to donate new tools to Habitat when he heard their tools were stolen from a build site in Fort Erie.  Lowe’s also donates discontinued product or return items to the ReStore which saves the company money by avoiding waste disposal fees, it’s good for the environment and helps build homes for Niagara families.

If you’re interested in finding out how your business can donate unused stock or other merchandise to Habitat visit http://www.habitatniagara.ca/donate-to-the-restore


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