Dreaming of having a new kitchen for the holidays?

11 Sep
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Call our Salvage Team to remove your old kitchen cupboards, countertops, sink, appliances and other items for FREE!

Our Salvage Program has a team of expertly trained volunteers and Habitat team members that will remove your existing kitchen and other reusable items FREE of charge and you’ll receive a tax receipt for the donation.

There are somany benefits of donating your old kitchen to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore!

  • We work within your timeline. Our salvage team will work within your project timeline and remove your kitchen and other reusable items for FREE!

  • We leave your space clean and tidy. Your items are removed with care, and the space is left spotless

  • You save money! You’ll save hundreds on contractor costs and waste disposal fees (an average of $1,000 - $2,000)

  • You get a charitable tax receipt. You’ll receive a tax receipt once your kitchen is sold at one of our ReStores

  • You’ll help the environment. You’ll be protecting the environment by preventing usable materials from ending up on the landfill

  • You help families in our community. Your generous kitchen donation will have a positive impact right here in your community by helping to build more homes and bringing affordable homeownership and a brighter future to families across Niagara.


To arrange for your FREE kitchen salvage today, call 905-685-7365 x401 or email



Thank you to our donors, they really make a difference!