‘Rotary Way’ in Welland recognizes Rotary’s support for Habitat

12 Sep
Rotary  Way  Group  Shot

The Rotary Club of Welland and the City of Welland unveiled new street signage at the corner of Frazer and Mill as ‘Rotary Way’.

The new ‘Rotary Way’ signage is a tribute to the collaboration between Welland Rotary Club and Habitat for Humanity Niagara in developing housing on Frazer Street between 2009 and 2011.

The Commemorative Street Naming Program recognizes local organizations that have made contributions in the community based on historical content and/or community involvement. Although Frazer Street will retain its legal street name, the new Welland Rotary Way will stand as a reminder and observe how Rotary Club of Welland made significant contributions to the Habitat for Humanity Niagara build on Frazer Street.

“I’m proud of the leadership Rotary Members provide both within the local community and the community at large,” said Welland Rotary President David Alexander. “In this case, four Rotarians, Nick Bodo, Paul Leon, Roman Groch, and Graham Speck, stepped up and supported this initiative. We are also proud of our partnership with Habitat for Humanity Niagara.”

 “The Rotary Club of Welland has made a significant impact on helping community organizations,” said Mark Carl, Habitat Niagara CEO. “This street naming demonstrates their continuous support for Habitat Niagara in helping to build stronger communities across the city of Welland.”


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