Family Stories

Owning a home is a life-changing experience. In a Habitat home, children are happier and do better in school. Grades go up, their health improves, and they’re better able to concentrate while experiencing the joy and sense of belonging that comes with owning a home.

"I would have applied a couple of years sooner, but my husband and my friends told me that we wouldn't be approved, so why bother? I finally applied and we are now living in our own home!" ~ Marwa

Parents’ lives are enhanced when they’re given a hand up through their Habitat for Humanity partnership. As they learn new skills and upgrade their education, they become self-sustaining and happier, more productive members of their community.

"I didn't apply initially, because I didn't think I could help to build the house. My mother finally pushed me to apply - and I'm glad she did! My daughters and I volunteered at the ReStore for most of our Sweat Equity hours and are now happy in a great home!" ~Sarah

When Habitat for Humanity forms a partnership with families, it’s like opening a door to hope and possibility. Communities are enriched when families can take control of their own lives, and their future.

When Habitat for Humanity builds a house, a ripple effect occurs. Families are less reliant on social services and food banks, student and apprentice builders become skilled trades workers within their community, the economy prospers with each building project, volunteers are engaged, and the entire community feels fulfilled in contributing.

"Our new home was well worth the wait. Our children no longer have problems with asthma because our home is new, clean and healthy. They sleep better and are a lot happier." ~Peter

That’s the power of helping.

Families are the foundation of what makes Habitat for Humanity.  There is no better testament to the importance of Habitat for Humanity Niagara than the stories of the families who's lives have been changed by their Habitat homes. 

Meet our families:

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