Turn Your Unwanted Electronics into Homes for Habitat!

Not sure what to do with your old and unused electronics? Bring them to the St. Catharines ReStore! Since 2011, our ReStore has partnered with the Ontario Electronic Stewardship program to provide a drop-off point for Niagara’s electronic waste. Habitat Niagara’s E-Waste program is a cost-free, eco-friendly program that raises funds by collecting your unwanted electronics for responsible disposal through recycling initiatives. Proceeds from your E-Waste donations are used to help build affordable Habitat homes right here in Niagara.

Acceptable E-Waste items range from televisions and computers to turntables and typewriters.

Download a full list of electronic waste items that you can donate to Habitat Niagara’s E-Waste Program

E-Waste Donation Drop Off Hours (St. Catharines location ONLY): Monday - Saturday 9:00am - 4:30pm

150 Bunting Road, St.Catharines, ON